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Julius Krechting: Ghost Producer

What is a ghost producer?

The world of music is filled with an enormous quantity of songs. Every song was written with a certain goal. Some songs are written for a quiet ambiance, while others are specially made for parties. A lot of these tracks are not written by the artist, but by a so called ghost producer.

A ghost producer is composing music on behalf of an artist or an agency. After finishing it off, he will not longer own the rights. Even though he writes it himself, he sells all the copyrights and will declare that the artist is the writer and founder of the song.

“Music makes me lose control”

What does a ghost producer?

As mentioned earlier, a ghost producer writes and composes tracks for other artists without claiming any honors. Artists who does not have time to create a song themselves, can easily release tracks.

Many people think ghost producers are only used in EDM. But in fact, you also find them in pop, hip hop and rock music. As soon as an artist decides to use a ghost producer, he needs to describe what kind of style he wants to have. You can request for a song which has the style and feeling of another track, but with your own personal image included.

Even the biggest artists on this planet are using ghost producers to complete their album. Or for example, to release a single if they can not do it themselves.

There are many reasons why someone is using a ghost producer, but most of the times it is because of the following reason:

Many artists are busy with their tour or performing in clubs. Due to a very tight schedule, they do not have time to create new songs – even though this is necessary. They ask a ghost producer to make sure they can pay full attention to their tour and performances.

It is the same story for many DJ’s: they only want to have their gigs, but also release their own tracks. They use a ghost producer to make sure that they can also play ‘their own music’ in their shows.